Metal Hose


Our MATCHLESS Corrugated Metal Hoses are designed as general all-purpose hoses for conveying liquids and gases, usually at high temperatures and pressures while maintaining flexibility.

Braiding enables use at high pressures and attenuates vibration.  Each annular corrugation is a separate element engineered to impart optimal flexibility for each size of hose we offer.

Stainless Steel Hose and Braid from 1/4″to 12″ I.D. in stock
Standard NPT, JIC, SAE, Metric, JIS Ends 150# to 300# Plate and Raised Face Flanges
Single or Double Braid Available in 304, 321, 316

Types of Matchless Metal Hose and Available Other Alloys

Manufactured from 321 Stainless in close pitch configurations

  • SSO-Unbraided
  • SS1-Single Braid
  • SS2-Double Braid

Manufactured from 316 Stainless in close pitch configurations

  • SQO-Unbraided
  • SQ1-Single Braid
  • SQ2-Double Braid

Manufactured from Monel® 400 in close pitch configurations

  • SMO-Unbraided
  • SM1-Single Braid
  • SM2-Double Braid


We offer a wide range of fittings to use in metal hose assemblies.  Almost any fitting can be attached to corrugated metal hose.  Welding or brazing must be compatible with the metals used.